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Monday, March 12, 2012

were-orcas and mermaids

So this morning I found myself on an undersea cruise liner with Becca and the other mermaids (luckily, the kids were at a relative's). We were just hanging out, swimming around, enjoying the vacation. Suddenly, we could hear everyone on the other decks screaming and panicking, and then something starts smashing through walls up above.

Somehow, we realize that it is coming for us––though we don't yet know what it is––and we start rushing through the halls of the deck that we're on, trying to reach our underwater room (as if that will save us from something that can smash through a ship's interior bulkheads). Just as the mermaids and myself get to the room and are fumbling for the room keys, the thing is right behind us, growling.

The mermaids scream, but I still don't dare to look behind me. When I finally turn around, I see a large were-orca standing there in orca-man form. It is eight feet tall, and weighs half a ton, and has razor-sharp fins on its back, arms and legs. But instead of teeth, it has a pair of self-sharpening cleaver-like bony plates that make up a powerful beak, like dunkleosteus.

For those that are not familiar with what I am talking about:

This was my first clue that it was a dream. You'd think that being on a completely submerged cruise liner with mermaids would have made me suspicious, but it was the jaw structure of the were-orca.

Anyway, right then, I get the door open, and the were-orca ushers us all inside of room, and then begins to explain that he is here on orders from my mafia don father (no relation to my real father, who is a saint). My mafia don father is angry that I haven't paid my tributes this year, and sent one of his personal assassins to get me.

His other were-orca assassin is a real violent guy, but this one is new, and he is a bit of a softy. So the were-orca contents himself to go through all of our personal belongings while getting to know us, with the intent to gather enough valuables to take back my tribute to my gangster father and spare my life and the lives of the mermaids that are with me.

The dream ends when the were-orca, about to leave, turns to us and says, "Oh, I hear you have some kids too." and I reply, "Yeah, and you can tell my father that if he ever wants to act like a real dad, I'll introduce him to them."


I have weird dreams pretty often, and some of them are very entertaining. So, at first I was just going to put this on facebook, but I decided that I ought to take some professional advice about making your art blog a documentary of your creative life. So I think I will start posting some of my stranger dreams. Maybe I'll eventually illustrate a few of them.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012 logo and web header

graphic for a local contractor and dirt supplier. wanted something a little illustrative. in the end, it is probably way too complicated for a logo. simpler than the full color version though...

Monday, March 5, 2012

What I do

I work in a few areas of multimedia artwork and design:

• Illustration: I am pretty good with sketching, and am bettering my painting skills as well. I am proficient with traditional media, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and Corel Painter.
• Concept Art: I find character design to be my concept art strength, but I enjoy just getting to design things, no matter what they are.
• 3D Modeling: I model, sculpt, UV, and texture, and focus on character modeling. I am proficient with Autodesk Maya and Mudbox, Pixologic ZBrush
• 3D FX

Additionally, I am somewhat experienced in other areas:

• Graphic Design
• Script Writing
• Sculpting
• Video Production


My name is Aaron Webb. I am a multimedia artist based out of Utah. I have done video production and graphic art off and on for quite a few years now, interrupted by occasional adventures like the Marine Corps and other stuff.

I have been studying animation and illustration for just under four years now at Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah. I started school in January of 2008, right after getting out of the United States Marine Corps infantry and moving back to Utah.

As of today, I have two semesters left to finish, and this current one is more than half way done. As a double major, working on a Bachelor of Science in Digital Media––Animation, and a Bachelor of Fine Art in Visual Art and Communications––Illustration, I have been quite busy.

Both programs at UVU are beginning to explode with potential; the illustration program is being led by the likes of Don Seegmiller, Perry Stewart and Richard Hull, and is transforming itself from a junior college program to a rigorous and prestigious program to attend. Similarly, under the guidance of Rodayne Esmay and Anthony Romrell, the animation program is gearing up to compete with the best programs in the nation as we build high-quality animated shorts and video games.

I am straddling the middle of them both, trying to hone the traditional skills of my right-brained creative side, while mastering the technical left-brained hardware and software of the computer science arena. This means that I have little time for a friends or even sleep, and routinely pull over-nighters at home or even at school trying to keep on top of the workload.

In fact, a few months ago our animation department was visited by a prestigious animation graduate program in Texas, and when they warned us that often their students were in the labs until midnight, we all looked at each other and laughed. We work in the animation labs pretty often until 3 AM or even until classes start the next day at 8 AM or later, and have had some students literally live in the labs (one of them for about a month). This has been interesting to say the least, especially while trying to get university officials and campus police authorities to allow us to park overnight and set up living facilities in the senior projects lab.

Amid the chaos of school, I try to help my wife wrangle three active children, and scramble to put together a professional portfolio that will include traditional art, digital art, photography, and 3D modeling, surfacing and FX. Hopefully, between these disciplines, I will find myself useful to some art studios out there.

As far as what art studios I am looking at, I would love to work for a design, game or animation studio in the Wasatch Front area of Utah. But, I am also willing to go out of state for a job opportunity.